Quentin Nichini
Quentin Nichini

DevOps & Managed Services

Support in the implementation of DevOps practices & web hosting architectures on cloud and on-premise environements

Today's IT landscape requires fluid collaboration between development and operations to ensure fast, efficient and smooth deliveries. The “DevOps & Outsourcing” offering focuses on this alignment, providing automation, continuous integration, continuous deployment and optimized hosting solutions. The goal is to guarantee efficient, secure and scalable web applications, while facilitating their daily management.

Main Missions:

  • Diagnosis & Audit: Assessment of the current situation in terms of development, deployment and hosting, with recommendations for adopting a DevOps approach.
  • Implementation of DevOps Practices: Continuous integration and deployment, automation, configuration management and monitoring.
  • Design of Hosting Architectures: Choice and implementation of suitable infrastructures, whether on dedicated, cloud or hybrid servers.
  • Optimization & Scalability: Improvement of performance and implementation of auto-scaling solutions to adapt to the varying needs of applications.
  • Security Management: Implementation of security protocols and tools to protect infrastructures and applications.
  • Maintenance & Support: Continuous monitoring, updating, incident resolution and technical support.

Types of deliverables:

  • Audit Report: Detailed analysis of the current state of infrastructures and processes, with recommendations for a transition to DevOps.
  • DevOps Pipeline: Documentation and implementation of continuous integration and deployment pipelines.
  • Hosting Architecture: Diagrams and detailed descriptions of the proposed hosting infrastructures.
  • Security Protocols: List of security measures applied, including configurations, tools and best practices.
  • Optimization Guides: Tips and methods for maintaining and improving the performance of applications and infrastructures.
  • Monitoring reports: Regular updates on the status, performance and security of applications and infrastructures.
  • Maintenance Plan: Calendar and list of periodic tasks to ensure the health and evolution of systems.


  • Listening & Analysis: Before any intervention, it is essential to understand the specific needs, the culture of the company and the current state of its infrastructures and practices. This phase includes a technical audit and interviews with key stakeholders.
  • Planning: Based on the initial analysis, an action plan is established. This plan details the steps to follow, the technologies to use and the execution schedule.
  • Implementation of DevOps Practices: Integration of the tools and processes necessary to automate the software development lifecycle, from integration to release into production.
  • Infrastructure Design & Deployment: Selection and implementation of the most suitable hosting solution, with particular attention to security, performance and scalability.
  • Continuous Optimization: Based on monitoring and feedback, adjustments are made to ensure optimal performance and respond to changing business needs.
  • Training & Skills Transfer: To guarantee the sustainability of the solutions implemented, it is crucial to support internal teams, train them in new tools and processes, and pass on the necessary skills to them.
  • Maintenance & Support: Once the solutions are deployed, continuous monitoring is put in place, with proactive interventions to prevent or resolve potential problems.

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