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Code Audit

This pack offers a comprehensive code audit service for businesses using PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, and various frameworks such as ReactJS, WordPress, Symfony, and NextJS. It aims to improve the quality, security and performance of the code of your applications and websites.

Main Missions :

  • Code Quality Analysis: In-depth review of source code to identify possible errors, non-standard coding practices, and areas for improvement.
  • Security Assessment: Checking the code for security vulnerabilities, including XSS, CSRF, SQL injection, etc., and recommending how to fix them.
  • Performance Optimization: Analysis of code performance, with suggestions for optimizing execution speed and resource usage.
  • Architecture Review: Evaluation of the underlying architecture of the code to ensure its scalability and maintainability.
  • Compliance with Standards: Verification of code compliance with development standards and best practices.

Types of deliverables:

  • Code Audit Report: Comprehensive document presenting the results of the audit, including identified issues and recommendations.
  • Action Plan for Corrections: A step-by-step guide to resolving issues found during the audit.
  • Best Practices Documentation: Tips and guidelines for maintaining code quality and security.
  • Compliance Status Summary: Assessment of code compliance with current standards and suggestions for continued improvement.

Support Methodology

Preparation and Planning: Understand the audit objectives, the technological framework and prepare a personalized audit plan.

Audit Execution: Careful analysis of code through automated tools and manual reviews for a comprehensive assessment.

Report and Recommendations: Compilation of results into a detailed report with practical and specific recommendations.

Follow-up and Assistance: Provide follow-up for the implementation of recommendations and assistance with questions or clarifications.


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