Quentin Nichini
Quentin Nichini

Drafting Functional & Technical Specifications

This pack offers a specialized service in writing detailed functional and technical specifications for websites and web applications. It is designed to help businesses clearly define the needs, features and technical constraints of their web projects, ensuring a solid foundation for development and implementation.

Main Missions :

  • Writing Functional Specifications: Development of documents specifying the functionalities, user interface, user journeys and business requirements for websites and applications.
  • Writing Technical Specifications: Definition of technical requirements, including system architecture, technologies to be used, necessary integrations and performance constraints.
  • Needs Analysis: In-depth study of the company's needs, target audience and business objectives to ensure specifications match market expectations and requirements.
  • Coordination with Technical Teams: Close collaboration with developers, architects and other technical stakeholders to ensure feasibility and optimization of specifications.

Types of deliverables:

  • Functional Specification Documents: Detailing the functionality and user experience intended for the site or application.
  • Technical Specification Documents: Including technical aspects such as architecture, technologies, and integrations.
  • Requirements Analysis Reports: Summarizing the results of requirements studies and how they influence specifications.
  • Project Coordination Guides: Providing guidelines for management and effective communication between technical and non-technical teams.

Support Methodology

Information Gathering: Gather detailed information about the company's needs, expectations and objectives.

Writing and Validation: Developing specifications in close collaboration with customers and stakeholders, followed by a validation process to ensure accuracy and relevance.

Adaptability and Update: Flexibility to adjust specifications based on feedback, with ongoing updates to reflect changes in requirements or technologies.

Implementation Assistance: Provide support and guidance during the implementation phase to ensure development is aligned with established specifications.


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