Quentin Nichini
Quentin Nichini

ISO 27001 support

Accompagnement de PME et Startup à la mise en place d'un framework de SI pour obtenir la certification ISO 27001 / SOC2

This service aims to provide expertise to assess, advise, implement and supervise the necessary measures to ensure data security, while guiding companies on their journey towards ISO 27001 and SOC2 certification.

Main missions :

  • Audit & Diagnostic: Assessment of the current security posture, identification of vulnerabilities and recommendations.
  • Development of security strategies: Design of a complete IS security strategy aligned with business objectives and current regulations.
  • Certification Support: Guide for SMEs and startups in setting up a robust IS framework with a view to obtaining ISO 27001 and SOC2 certifications. This includes initial assessment, strategic planning, audit preparation and post-certification monitoring.
  • Training & Awareness: Staff education on best security practices and awareness of different threats.
  • Incident management: Procedures for responding to possible intrusions or security violations and analyzing incidents for prevention.
  • Technology & regulatory monitoring: Update on recent cyber threat trends and relevant regulations.

Types of deliverables:

  • Audit report: A detailed document highlighting current vulnerabilities, associated risks and recommendations to address them.
  • Strategic Security Plan: An overall framework that defines how the company will approach IT security, including policies, procedures and technical recommendations.
  • Training programs: Training modules and awareness materials for staff to strengthen safety culture.
  • Incident reports: Detailed analyzes of security incidents that have occurred, with recommendations to prevent their recurrence.
  • Security dashboard: A tool for regular monitoring of key performance indicators related to IS security, allowing continuous evaluation and adaptation according to changes in the threat landscape.
  • Guides and Manuals: Technical and operational documentation for deploying and managing recommended security tools and solutions.

Support Methodology

Discovery Phase: Before any intervention, a discovery phase is essential. It allows you to understand the culture of the company, its size, its sector of activity, and above all, its maturity in terms of IT security. This stage consists of interviews with key stakeholders, as well as an initial review of existing processes and tools.

Detailed Assessment: Based on the information collected during the discovery phase, an in-depth assessment of the systems, processes and policies in place is carried out. This makes it possible to determine deviations from ISO 27001 and SOC2 standards and establish a priority level for each corrective action.

Strategic Planning: An action plan is developed in collaboration with internal teams to respond to identified gaps. This detailed plan outlines the steps, responsibilities, timelines and resources needed to achieve compliance.

Implementation: During this phase, the recommendations are concretely applied. This may include implementing new tools, modifying existing processes or training teams. The consultant here plays the role of guide, technical expert and coach.

Review & Audit Preparation: Once the changes are implemented, a full review is carried out to ensure that all deviations have been addressed. Additionally, a mock audit is carried out to prepare the company for the official examination.

Post-Certification Support: After obtaining certification, monitoring is offered to ensure that security practices are maintained and continually improved. This phase includes regular reviews, technological and regulatory monitoring, as well as ongoing training sessions.


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